Our commitment

To become a global reference for the safe, efficient
and sustainable production of iron ore.

“ Our company is constantly evolving, and our major transformation project is firmly focused on the future. By 2024, our goal is to become a world leader in safe, efficient and sustainable iron ore production. This is how we will ensure the sustainability of our operations for future generations. ”

Mapi Mobwano

President and Chief Executive Officer

Provide a safe and healthy work environment

Taking care of our people and protecting the women and men who are part of our organization are the values that guide all that we do. We make a promise: when you work at ArcelorMittal, your well-being is assured.

To this end, we encourage innovation in health and safety and work closely with our employees to continually improve our methods. Many of our innovations are shared with the CNESST – a government organization which overees the promotion of labor rights and obligations of Quebec’s workers and employers –  in order to benefit the greatest number of organizations and workers across the province.

Being a responsible organization

We are proud to affirm our desire to be a committed corporate citizen. We want to build trusted relationships with our partners and be actively involved in the communities we serve.

Being a responsible organization also means caring about the environment, for ourselves and for the generations that follow us.

We have earned the ISO 14001 certification. This certification ensures that rigorous environmental processes are maintained.

We are committed to reducing our greenhouse gas emissions by 25% by 2030 and to becoming carbon neutral by 2050. The path to achieving this goal will involve the use of green energy sources and forest biomass.

We are investing over $250 million this year to improve our operations. More than 30% of these investments will also improve our environmental performance.

Sustainable development Community involvement

Setting up a high-performance value chain

We are fortunate to have high-quality iron ore deposits with proven reserves for several more decades. We also have other promising deposits located along our railroad, which gives us a clear commercial advantage.

The sustainability of our operations depends on innovation and our ability to improve operational efficiencies throughout our value chain. This is achieved by ensuring we optimize iron recovery rates and strategically executing our mine plan to ensure the longest possible life for our mine sites.

Our goal is to produce cost-competitive iron ore that meets the needs of our customers around the world, while continuing to be recognized for its superior quality.

Be recognized as an employer of choice

We work hard to develop a healthy, safe, stimulating and rewarding work environment and we offer some of the most competitive compensation packages in Quebec and Canada.

We invest in the development of our people and believe in the importance of collaboration between our teams.

Our company is deeply rooted in the history of Quebec and the North Shore and we are very proud of it. We want to take advantage of this feeling and share it with the entire community.

We are also one of the few mining companies in Québec to rely on a business model based on a resident population that not only lives in a place to be close to its work, but also invests in it to make it a quality living environment.

Our ambition is to become the company where our children will also be proud to work for in the future!