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Our Corporate Manifesto

Our company is changing, and we are working to position ourselves as a world leader in safe, efficient, and sustainable iron ore production. This is how we are securing the future of our business for the next generations. Our Manifesto champions the hard work of our teams, the power of our collective efforts, and the importance of leaving a lasting legacy for the generations to come.

Check out our vision and approach!

At ArcelorMittal, the power of collaboration is at the heart of what we do.

Because it is by working together and joining our forces that we can go further.

We’ve let the members of our team have the floor to share how proud they are to be part of the ArcelorMittal family. Read their stories and discover our vision for change, for a future based on synergy.

Meet our team

"Ensuring the safety of our teams is what makes me most proud.''

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Natalie Parent

OHS Manager - Industrial Hygiene - Safety and Facility Protection - Port-Cartier

"By building on team spirit, there is no limit to what we can accomplish."

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Josyane Lizotte

Station Manager, Rail Transportation

"By working together, we can move mountains.''

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Édith Provencher

OHS and Industrial Hygiene Manager, Mont-Wright and Fire Lake

"For me, it's important to involve our teams in the decisions."

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Martin Thibault

Director, Shared Services, Housing and Community

"What makes me proud is helping to grow my team members."

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Patrick Girard

Director, Pellet Plant

"Being there for my teams and listening to them is what makes all the difference."

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Michael Labrie

General Manager, Infrastructure

"It's when you work with our teams to create a quality product that you see the full strength of our people."

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Romain Prêcheur

General Manager, Process and Quality

"Our ambition is to become a global reference in safe, efficient and sustainable iron ore production."

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Mapi Mobwano

President and Chief Executive Officer